Master Program

Qigong Mastery: Apprentice Program

for only $199.99


Sign up and download Qigong Mastery Apprentice Program. This program is great for anyone who has previous experience with Qigong or has already completed our Student Program. Use this program to sharpen your Qigong skills and chi within you.

What Does the Apprentice Program Include:

● Discover your natural ability to help heal yourself

● Reduce General pain: neck, shoulder, knee, back, arthritis, joint pain, and postoperative pain

● Improve your metabolism, digestion, and elimination

● Receive Health Relaxation Advice

● Rehabilitation (PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, Depression etc.)

● Learn knowledge and skills to continually strengthen your mind, body and spirit

● Develop a closer connection to nature and your inner self.

● Improve movement and flexibility

● A sense of happiness, contentment and peace

● Reduced stress and tension

● Balanced your energy

● Increase awareness and focus

● Improve efficiency of breathing and lung capacity