Student Program

Qigong Mastery: Student Program

for only $39.99


Sign up and download Qigong Mastery Beginners Program. Start with the very basics and create a solid foundations to practice your Qigong skills on.

Chi Gong Academy Prices

Beginner Series: 1 month (1 course) = $29.99

What Does the One Month Program Include

● Discover your natural ability to help heal yourself

● Reduce General pain: neck, shoulder, knee, back, arthritis, joint pain, and postoperative pain

● Improve your metabolism, digestion, and elimination

● Receive Health Relaxation Advice

● Rehabilitation (PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, Depression etc.)

● Learn knowledge and skills to continually strengthen your mind, body and spirit

● Develop a closer connection to nature and your inner self.

● Improve movement and flexibility

● A sense of happiness, contentment and peace

● Reduced stress and tension

● Balanced your energy

● Increase awareness and focus

● Improve efficiency of breathing and lung capacity