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Detox: The Power of Air — How Breath is Key to Detox

Detox Breath Qigong
Breath is our greatest strength and ally for releasing the detox of  toxins out of our systems. It’s as simple as  breathing  nice and even throughout one’s walks.  If you want to be more adventurous do, yoga, chi quong, and any martial art to help with daily exercise and breathing techniques. Great Breathing Exercise: While certain exercise activities include focus on the importance of breathing, simply doing a breathing exercise is .

Chi Energy: Drawing From Your Body’s Natural Energy Reserves

chi energy
Don’t you wish some days that you just had more energy? A well-kept secret of the Taoist masters can actually draw from reserve Chi energy stored in your hair. The basic premise here is that the hair is the external storehouse of Chi energy generated inside the body. This quote comes from Mantak Chia, a Chi Kung master, who for years has taught a meditative practice known as “hair .